Housemates' 'legendary' pool party stunt to beat extreme Aussie heat

The Melbourne residents were desperate to cool down as temperatures soared to almost 38 degrees on Sunday – and the internet loves them for it!

For those of us without a backyard pool, or who don't live close enough to one of the country's pristine beaches, the extreme heat experienced in parts of Australia over the weekend might have been too much to bear.

But it was a case of "no pool, no problem" for a couple of Aussie "legends" who got creative as temperatures soared to almost 38 degrees on Sunday in Melbourne and Sydney, and instead of persevering with the uncomfortable heat, they hosted an "awesome" pool party with a makeshift swimming pool in their front garden.

It started with "a dream" said Nick Tsolakidis — one part of the "legendary" duo now known for the genius summer stunt alongside his buddy Jacob. The housemates from Pakenham, Melbourne used pallets and a tarp to create a pool in their front yard before soaking up the sun's rays with a stubbie in hand — inviting others to join.

Two Melbourne men in front yard enjoying the pool they made with pallets and a blue tarp.
Melbourne lads Nick (front) and Jacob (back) made a pool using pallets and a tarp to cool down on Melbourne's 38-degree day. Source: Nick Tsolakidis

Strangers enjoy Melbourne 'pool party'

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Tsolakidis said not much went into creating their makeshift pool which took just 20 minutes to make. "It's been pretty hot and my aircon is shot at the moment, so I figured 38 degrees, you need a pool," the 27-year-old said.

"Me and my roommate share the one brain cell, not much goes on in our heads," he said on Monday. "But we thought go get some pallets for free, go get a tarp, throw it together and fill it up, see how we go. We had a few girls come around who started sunbathing and I ordered some pizzas for whoever was there and just spent the day in the water."

Tsolakidis said "people loved it", including neighbours whose kids were jumping in and out all day. At one point, he hinted his address on social media saying 'if you can find it, come jump in' — and to their surprise some people did.

"There were a few strangers that rocked up. Some cars drove past and they jumped out in their swimmers and jumped in," he told Yahoo. "A lot of older people loved it because it reminded them of what they did growing up — and you don't really see that kind of stuff anymore."

Makeshift pool in Melbourne front yard with a sign that says 'pool party'.
The summer stunt has gone viral on social media with strangers praising the 'clever' idea. Source: Nick Tsolakidis

Aussies dubbed 'heroes and legends'

Photos shared on social media — which have now gone viral — show the proud pair cooling off in the tarp-lined pool they made before jumping in with a splash. They even used a boat canopy for shade — and it's living proof that one can dream big and see it through.

The Melbourne lads have been dubbed Aussie heroes with their ingenuity being praised online with the move being labelled "very clever". But Tsolakidis, who often shares his ideas on social media, said they're not heroes, they were "just having a bit of fun".

"This is amazing. What a great way to cool off and meet your neighbours at the same time," one said. Another said it's a "great way to spend your hot day". "Good onya legends," they added.

Others, however, insisted Australia "needs more of it around" saying it's "absolute gold". Many agreed the ingenious stunt is "as Aussie as it gets" making them "proud" to be Australian.

Extreme heat across parts of Australia

After a mild start to the summer, Sunday’s 38-degree heat in Melbourne was the first day of the year classified by the Bureau of Meteorology as "hot" for the Victorian capital. Hot, blustery winds of 40km/h were experienced in some parts of Victoria with fire bans also put in place across parts of the state.

Parts of South Australia and New South Wales also recorded some of their highest temperatures in up to three years, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

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