Almost Every Tesla Cybertruck Was Just Recalled Again

Things aren’t getting any easier for the Tesla Cybertruck.

The EV giant has just issued two new recalls for its hyped pickup. This time the culprits are the vehicle’s giant windshield wiper and a part of the trunk trim.

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Safety recall reports related to both issues are now available on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website. They are both dated June 19 and apply to the 11,688 Cybertrucks built between November 13 of last year and the beginning of this month.

The first recall is related to the motor that powers the Cybertruck’s gigantic single windshield wiper. The notice states that the four-foot-long part’s motor may stop working due to “electrical overstress to the gate driver component.” The issue, which is believed to affect two percent of the EVs, may lead to reduced visibility, which in turn can lead to increased risk of collision, though Tesla says it’s not aware of any collisions, injuries, or deaths related to the problem. Fortunately, the fix seems simple enough, with the company saying it will replace the wiper motor for affected Cybertrucks at no charge to drivers.

The second recall, meanwhile, traces back to a part of the trunk bed trim. The notice states that a cosmetic applique may not have been installed “according to specification” and may “come loose or separate from the vehicle.” This, of course, could turn into a serious issue were the piece to come loose while the EV is in drive, creating a road hazard for other drivers in the EV’s wake. Tesla says it believes the issue only affects one percent of Cybertrucks and says it will replace or rework the applique on those vehicles, again at no charge to drivers.

The latest Cybertruck recalls are the third and fourth respectively since production began late last year. In February, the pickup, along with nearly all of the automaker’s other vehicles, was recalled because the font on the instrument panel for its brake, park, and anti-lock brake system was too small to read. Less than two months later, in April, the entire early production run of the Cybertruck was recalled because its accelerator pedal could dislodge when high force is applied and become stuck underneath a part of the interior trim.

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