Alleged sex shop thieves caught on camera: 'Grubs'

Furious staff at a popular adult store chain in Queensland have hit out at customers who were allegedly caught stealing a range of items from the shelves.

Store owner at Into Love Adult Superstore, whose Facebook name is Max Love, a self-proclaimed "thief exposer", shared CCTV footage online which showed the alleged thieves inside the Bundaberg store last Wednesday.

Fed up with thefts across his stores, which he says happens "week after week," a fiery post on Saturday was intended to name and shame the supposed culprits who were shown roaming around the store.

The couple have been accused of stealing from the adult store and were caught on camera. Source: Facebook
The couple have been accused of stealing from the adult store and were caught on camera. Source: Facebook

"Hey Bundy, anyone know these 2? They thought it would be fun to come in and buy one item whilst stealing 3 others," the post alleges.

"Yes losers, we got you on many of our 16 cameras that record 24/7. I like how you both look at all the cameras, probably wondering if they work or not - THEY DO!!!"

Couple shown on CCTV

The video shows a dark-haired man and a blonde-haired woman looking at a variety of lingerie and adult toys.

The woman is seen with an item in her hand however the alleged theft was not shown in the CCTV footage shared online.

The business owner, whose real name is David Kidd, according to Courier Mail, said it's "hard enough to keep a small business running these days" before taking aim at "grubs" who continue to steal from his stores.

The post also called on locals to help identify the "losers" shown in the video in exchange for a $50 store credit.

Queensland Police are aware of the incident and confirmed to Yahoo news Australia that no charges have been laid, however, investigations are ongoing.

Vow to expose 'grubs' after a string of thefts

In May, another video was shared on the Into Love Facebook page which showed another man and woman allegedly stealing "a bunch of items" from the Rockhampton store in Queensland.

"They both left the store knowing we had them on camera stealing, which amounted to just over $500," a Facebook post claimed.

And just last week, about $850 of goods were allegedly stolen from the same store, Courier Mail reported.

In 2020, after a string of thefts, the company issued a serious warning to any "potential thieves."

"When we catch you, we will expose you! We will upload the video of your behaviour for all the world to see and it will stay up until such time as you come in to pay," they wrote on Facebook.

"We are a small family-run business and cannot afford to be continually stolen from."

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