Couple busted for X-rated act on Zoom call

A couple who reportedly attended a virtual celebration on Zoom forgot to turn off their camera while they proceeded to have sex for all to see.

The couple were on a Zoom call with a synagogue in Minneapolis, which was hosting a bat mitzvah on May 14, the New York Post reported.

During the celebration, the other guests reportedly saw the couple have sex for almost an hour, after the pair neglected to turn their camera off.

Pictured is a screenshot of the couple during the zoom call
During a virtual bat mitzvah, a couple left their camera on and had sex for all to see. Source: New York Post

One person who witnessed the canoodling said the two were at it for roughly 45 minutes.

The source, who spoke to The New York Post on the condition of anonymity, said the woman was walking around naked and eventually got dressed.

"She’s in and out of the Zoom, he was in the bed, he whipped it out, she started going to work," the source told The Post.

Eventually, someone else who was on the Zoom call rang the woman and told her she was on camera and everyone could see her and the man.

The couple looks closely at the camera on the Zoom call.
The woman reportedly "freaked out" when she realised the camera had been on the whole time. Source: New York Post

The woman apparently "freaked out".

Pretty much everyone in the call would have been able to see what the couple was up to, as most people had their cameras switched off, so their box on the screen was "pretty big".

The unfortunate event happened at Temple Beth El and the managing director of the synagogue said he was aware of the incident and refused to comment, the New York Post reported.

Pictured is Temple Beth El in Minneapolis, the synagogue which hosted the bat mitzvah Zoom call
Everyone in the Zoom meeting saw the couple having sex and the managing director of the synagogue has refused to comment. Source: Google Maps

There's been plenty of Zoom mishaps over the last few years as the practice of virtual meetings became popular during Covid lockdowns.

In March 2020, when the world was getting used to Zoom calls while many were in quarantine, one woman went to the bathroom while on a call.

Everyone in the Zoom call saw her make her way through her home and proceed to go to the bathroom.

Last year, a Canadian MP accidentally appeared naked in a Zoom call, he said it was an "unfortunate error" and explained he was changing clothes and unaware the camera was on.

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