Aldi shoppers angered by constant toilet paper shortage: 'What the hell is going on?'

Dozens of Aldi customers have been left angered and confused by an ongoing toilet paper supply shortage across several stores – but the supermarket chain insists stock is on the way.

While other supermarkets including Coles and Woolworths seemingly have sufficient supply, Aldi shoppers say their local store is still either running low on stock or constantly completely sold out.

"Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with the toilet paper and other paper goods at Aldi, they haven’t had any for ages," one customer asked on an Aldi fans Facebook page.

He added that the aisle that usually houses toilet paper was now filled with "TVs and other things" instead.

"They obviously have no intentions of filling that space soon, but Woolworths and Coles have no problems with getting stock."

Aldi sign
Shoppers at some Aldi stores have noticed that the toilet paper aisle now stocks Special Buys. Source: Getty

Several other Aldi shoppers from all over Australia said they too had noticed the shortage at their local store.

Shoppers in New South Wales, Victoria and ACT seemingly had the biggest supply shortages.

"I went to my local Aldi today and it looked like they'd just given up on toilet paper altogether because the aisle was just filled up with punching bags and washing baskets," one person commented.

"I've had that same problem, ended up buying the really big rolls until we get some," said another.

"I was in Aldi two days ago. NO toilet paper. It's been like that for a couple of weeks," confirmed a third.

Why is Aldi so short on supply?

Although there have been supply shortages on numerous products across a number of states due to Covid panic buying, floods and staff shortages, perplexed customers said they were now able to find sufficient supply in other supermarkets easily, except for Aldi.

"The toilet paper thing is weird. I go to three Aldis, two in NSW and one in the ACT, and it's tumbleweeds in the dunny paper aisle and has been for a while," one person said.

"Usually no rolls of kitchen towels, either. I go to Woolies now anyway as they have two-ply."

"Woolies and Coles have plenty of stock. I don’t understand it," added another.

Aldi shoppers, empty shelf
Covid panic buying, staff shortages and impacts from floods in New South Wales and Queensland have all contributed to supply chain issues. Source: Facebook.

In a separate post, another shopper said her local Aldi store was completely out of stock.

"Judging by my local Aldi, everyone must be planning on spending Easter in the toilet. Not one roll of toilet paper to be had," she wrote.

An Aldi employee also weighed in on the shortage, confirming there were warehouse issues impacting toilet paper supply.

"Our warehouses are filled to the brim with specials making it hard to work, toilet paper isn't going back to normal till June, just gives us a chance to empty out the warehouse with that spare space on the floor," the employee said.

Aldi responds to supply issues

Yahoo News Australia understands that ongoing disruptions in the Aldi supply chain and closures over the Easter long weekend have significantly contributed to the short supply.

Aldi sign, shopper with Aldi basket
Aldi confirms that customers should see a return to normal stock levels soon. Source: Getty.

Aldi Australia has confirmed that there is plenty of product and there is no need to stockpile goods.

It has also been confirmed that customers will see a return to regular stock levels over the coming days.

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