Aldi shopper stunned by $46 grocery haul: 'Absolute bargain'

People couldn't help but respond to the video, with one person suggesting 'with today’s current cost of living — Aldi is a lifesaver'.

An Aldi shopper has shared how many products she scored after a grocery shop at the supermarket for under $50, stunning people when comparing the price to what you can buy at competitors Coles and Woolworths for the same amount.

Weight-loss coach Asha posted the incredible haul to social media this week, unpacking the contents of her shopping bag for viewers.

Aussie shopper stunned over Aldi haul

She pulled out a loaf of bread, two different packs of capsicums, four packets of basmati rice, an avocado, three rump steaks — that "are huge" and were "just $6 each" — and a packet of mango and ginger flavoured chicken steaks.

Weight loss coach Asha on TikTok with Aldi products.
Weight-loss coach Asha revealed all the products she managed to score for under $50. Source: TikTok.

"If you're not shopping at Aldi, I feel like you're just being ripped off," Asha said. "I swear [the steaks] are like $19 when you go to Woolies or Coles. "You're telling me I got that all for $46 — that is an absolute bargain."

An online check shows Coles also sells an individual rump steak for $6, while Woolworths sells a piece of rump for $8.

People in the comments agreed with the social media user, with one going as far as saying "honestly, with today’s current cost of living — Aldi is a lifesaver!"

The Aldi haul that cost the shopper $46.
The Aldi haul cost the shopper $46 in total, which included three packets of rump steaks for just $6 each. Source: TikTok.

Woolies, Coles prices differer vastly

The haul comes in contrast to a Woolworths shopper's experience, who coincidentally also spent $46 on lasagne ingredients, but got a very different-looking basket of groceries for the price. Yahoo News reported just months ago on the woman's "wild" experience, that made her fume with rage.

"I just spent $46 on lasagne ingredients," the woman raged on TikTok. "I should just eat Macca's every day," she added, implying, that despite it too falling victim to price hikes, fast-food is a cheaper option for cash-strapped Aussies.

A Woolies shopper and her receipt.
A Woolies shopper had quite a different experience with what she purchased for $46. Source: TikTok.

What the Woolworths shopper bought for $46

The woman said the only items she bought were for dinner and did not buy anything extra. She later shared a snapshot of her receipt in a follow-up clip.

Cost of ingredients at Woolworths:

Cost of the same, or similar, items at Coles:

Total: $46.34

Total: $50.68

Both supermarket and fast-food prices up on last year

Groceries are one of the biggest money worries for Aussies right now, with the average household now spending $199 on groceries each week, up from $184 per week in June last year.

To combat rising prices, two-thirds (62 per cent) of Aussies said they were now planning cheaper meals, 55 per cent were looking harder for discounts, and 42 per cent had switched to generic brands. While some are ditching some essentials altogether.

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