Old McDonald’s receipt reveals ‘exorbitant’ price hikes

One Aussie shared just how much their Macca's order has skyrocketed. And it's enough to make the Hamburglar Grimace.

McDonald's and receipt.
One Aussie has shared just how expensive his McDonald's order has become. (Source: Getty/Reddit)

A Macca’s run is an Aussie tradition, but inflation and the cost-of-living crisis means getting a burger and fries isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

A McDonald’s receipt from 2019 has laid bare just how much fast-food prices have skyrocketed in the space of a few years.

Taking to social media, one Aussie shared how their Macca’s order had increased from $11.15 to $15.30 - a whopping 37 per cent price hike.

“For some reason I found this old photo I took of a Macca’s receipt,” the social media user said.

The price of a Classic Angus burger had risen from $7.95 in 2019 to $10.60 in 2023 (up 33 per cent), the user found, while a large fries had gone from $3.20 in 2019 to $4.70 in 2023 (up 47 per cent).

“This makes me think there should be some repository of pricing data that is crowdsourced, and then could be used to determine this sort of exhorbitant [sic] inflation,” they said.

In June, UBS analysis found McDonald’s Australian store prices were up 8 per cent since last August. This was still less than fast-food competitor KFC, whose prices were up 14.7 per cent over the past year.

‘Miss the $2 meals’

Aussies took to the comments to reminiscence about the days when Macca’s meals were much cheaper.

“I'm old enough to remember a maccas cheeseburger was $1.35. I miss the $2 meals haha,” one said.

“Me too and soft serves were 25c,” another added.

“I remember in the early 2010s, me and my mates would make ourselves sick on the $2 double cheeseburgers,” another said.

McDonald’s responds

A McDonald’s spokesperson said there were many factors that went into setting the price of items.

“Like all businesses, we review our prices from time to time, considering several factors, including the higher-cost environment we’re operating in,” the spokesperson told Yahoo Finance.

“As individual businesses, McDonald's prices are set at a restaurant level.”

The spokesperson said the fast-food chain was committed to its “value means more at Macca’s” promise, which covered price, customer service, convenience and year-round offers.

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