Aldi shopper left gagging by ‘moving rice’

Stomach churning video has revealed the moment a man realised that part of his meal alive.

In a grotesque video shared to Twitter this week, the man expressed confusion after spotting some rice he purchased from Aldi moving around in a bowl.

An Aldi store sign.
A Aldi shopper has shared a disturbing video of what appears to be a maggot mixed in with their rice. Source: AAP

"Hey one of my grains of rice is moving," he wrote to the social media platform on Monday.

The footage showed what appeared to be a small white creature, possibly a maggot, crawling through the product.

It was not known specifically which range of rice the larvae had been located in.

Yahoo News Australia contact Aldi for comment on the incident.

Aldi 'very concerned' by shopper's discovery

An Aldi employee responded to the man's tweet saying they were "concerned" about what the shopper had found.

"We would like to hear more about your experience," their reply said.

The employee requested the shopper complete an online form and promised that Aldi would respond "as soon as possible".

Aldi packaging change has dire impact on four-year-old

In a separate incident, Aldi's Mamia vanilla custard baby food recently changed packaging, causing distress for the family of an autistic girl, who refused to eat anything but the product.

Four-year-old Penny Gordon would regularly consume between 20 and 30 pouches a day, her mum Shannon McNally said.

Aldi store front.
Aldi has said it's 'concerned' by a man's video appearing to show a maggot in his rice. Source: Getty Images

Penny had become accustomed to the colours, fonts and sounds of the packaging, and the pouch was the only "safe" food for her, despite having undergone years of food therapy, Ms McNally told Yahoo News Australia.

The change was triggering for Penny and she refused to eat and had to be taken to hospital and fed through a feeding tube to avoid starvation.

Her family have since called on company's to be more considerate of parents who have children with special needs.

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