Confusion over strange packaging detail on identical Aldi snacks

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An Aldi shopper was perplexed by the different health star ratings on two of the same products they found on the supermarket shelf.

Sharing photos of two packets of Aldi's Buttered Popcorn to Facebook, the woman pointed out the health star ratings on both packets.

Despite being the exact same product — one had a health star rating of three, the other had a rating of 0.5.

When asked, the woman clarified the packets had different 'used by' dates, she also said she purchased both packets on the same day at the same Aldi store.

Naturally, the woman was confused, as were others on Facebook and people offered their theories as to why the health star ratings might be different.

Pictured are the two Buttered Flavoured Popcorn packets from Aldi which have two different Health Star Ratings.
The Buttered Flavoured Popcorn from Aldi had two different Health Star Ratings. Source: Facebook

"One is probably made with real butter and the other just butter flavouring," one person suggested.

"Check the ingredients panel."

Someone else suggested there was a change in the popcorn and Aldi was just getting rid of the older stock, another suggested it could just be new packaging.

Others just offered advice on which packet the woman should devour.

"I'm going with 0.5, they are delicious," one person said.

"Nothing that tastes that good can be good for you. Once you open the pack they will be gone. Stay away from the caramel ones, they are amazing."

Aldi clears up confusion

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Aldi cleared up the confusion regarding the different health star ratings.

“We recently reformulated our Butter Flavoured Popcorn Range to significantly reduce the amount of saturated fats, resulting in a higher Health Star Rating," an Aldi spokesperson said.

"We are currently transitioning to the newest iteration of the product, so customers may see both versions on shelves for a short period of time.”

Some of the people on the Facebook post did suspect the different ratings were due to Aldi changing up the popcorn.

An Aldi supermarket sign is seen in Canberra.
Aldi said the company reduced the amount of saturated fats in the popcorn resulting in a higher Health Star Rating. Source: AAP

What is the Health Star Rating on groceries?

The Health Star Rating is basically an easy way for shoppers to make an informed choice while shopping.

"Most products carry a Nutrition Information Panel which provides important information about the contents of the food," the Health Star Rating system says.

"But as shoppers we are busy, so the Health Star Rating provides an easy way to compare similar packaged food and helps you make healthier choices."

The more stars on the front of the packet mean it is the healthier choice and the rating system runs from half a star to five.

The system was designed by the federal, state and territory governments along with industry, public health and consumer groups.

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