Aldi self-checkouts divide opinion after shopper's shock discovery: 'Wow'

Hundreds of Aldi customers have weighed in on the retailer's new self-checkouts as the technology begins appearing in more stores.

Aldi shoppers were thrilled to notice shopping baskets in some New South Wales stores last year, and have been surprised once again as they encounter Aldi's self-checkouts for the first time.

A photograph captured by a shopper at a Sydney store revealed a sleek, black self-serve machine in use, which has prompted mixed reactions from customers.

Aldi self-checkout; Aldi Shop&Go concept store

"Wow, first time I’ve seen this," wrote an Aldi customer in a Facebook post.

Mixed reactions to self-serve technology

While some customers complained that self-serve machines will lead to fewer job opportunities within the organisation, others were keen to see them introduced in more stores.

"Most days I never get to see or speak to a human being so I prefer to be served by someone who says hello," responded one shopper.

"I'm on the autism spectrum and 'don't do people' well. So, self checkout is awesome for people like me," rebutted another.

"Now we can scan at our own pace!" wrote a third.

"Does it have an arm that comes out, grabs your items and throws them at you as fast as it can, while you try to catch them and put them in a plastic bag? If not, then the ALDI experience will no longer be the same," joked a fourth.

The self-checkouts are being trialled at eight New South Wales Aldi supermarkets, including the Edmondson Park store, and offer card-only payment options for the time being.

Yahoo News reached out to Aldi for information about the rollout of the machines at more stores around Australia, but the retailer did not wish to comment.

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