Aldi customer gags at 'disgusting' find in sauce bottle

The woman was making herself dinner when she spotted something 'weird' inside the Aldi product.

The woman holding her hand to her face wearing pyjamas (left). She holds up the Asian specialities green curry sauce jar from Aldi (right).
The woman was making dinner with the Aldi green curry sauce when she saw a large 'chunk' of something in the fry pan. Source: TikTok

A young woman who was keen for a quick Monday night dinner was instead left hungry after she found a "weird" and stomach-churning clump inside a green curry sauce bottle bought from supermarket giant Aldi. When she realised what she was looking at, it left her gagging in disgust.

Sharing the unsettling moment on social media, the woman said she usually makes her own sauce but opted for the store bought alternative and poured it on top of her chicken and broccoli while it was frying in the pan before she realised something was off.

"Something looked a little bit weird about the sauce... I pour it in my dinner, this big chunk [gags] of mould fell out," she said in a TikTok clip showing the gross find.

"[It] actually looks like what my dog regurgitated. It's all over the lid, it's all over the rim, this is just like filled with mould."

A large clump of mould on a spoon (left) and the sauce and mould on the lid (right).
There was mould inside the sauce and around the lid of the jar. Source: TikTok

The woman explained the sauce's best before date was labelled as July 2025 on the jar, meaning it was well within the window of when it was supposed to be safe to eat. However she said she's never felt "sicker" in her life from the discovery and decided to not eat dinner at all after the mishap.

After sharing the footage online, Aussies suggested the mould could be the result of the jar not being sealed properly, allowing oxygen to mix with the sauce.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Aldi but the supermarket would not comment on the woman's experience. A spokesperson said customers can return any product they are not fully satisfied for a full refund or replacement.

Many other Aussies joined the woman in admitting they felt "violently ill" after watching her video of the mould, with one saying she had to close her eyes as soon as she realised what she was looking at on her phone.

"I want to vomit," one said, while another marvelled at how "utterly gross" it was.

It isn't the first time an Aldi customer has found something questionable inside their food, with a man alleging he found a "dead mouse" inside his microwavable brown rice in March.

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