Aldi chocolate ‘better than Cadbury’ according to fans

Aldi fans and chocoholics alike come out with a pretty bold statement, adamant that the German supermarket’s Choceur brand of sweet treat is better than Cadbury.

Videos and posts are being shared across social media with some shoppers revealing Aldi chocolate is the only sort they buy.

Aldi's chocolate is winning popularity. Photo: Getty

TikTok star Merna shared a video of all her favourite Aldi buys, saying the store’s chocolate is the “best kept secret”.

“I think it’s like a little secret that Aldi has the best chocolate ever and this is a dupe for Bueno – yum!”, she said in the clip showing off Aldi’s Liviano Hazlenut Creme bars.

In 2018, the Liviano bar, which costs just $2.49, featured in Aldi’s Product of the Year list.

aldi liviano choceur bar
Liviano bars were on the Product of the Year list in 2018. Photo: Aldi

Her video has been viewed thousands of times with plenty of her followers agreeing that Aldi does indeed have “the best chocolate ever”.


And another popular new bar has also been gaining fans. The new $2.99 Choceur Hazelnut Creme has even been compared to a Cadbury favourite.

“Better than Cadbury Marble and those old school seashell chocolates,” the Aldi fan wrote on Instagram.

Aldi $2.99 Choceur Hazelnut Creme
Choceur Hazelnut Creme has even been compared to a Cadbury Marble. Photo: Aldi

And to make it even more a win, the Aldi version (200g) is cheaper than its rival Cadbury Marble. Making it a tasty and affordable treat.

“Yes the chocolate at Aldi is a must! Literally the only chocolate we buy is from Aldi,” another fan wrote online.

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