Airbnb hosts share 'disaster' video after unit trashed by 'sick' guests

The hosts of the Airbnb suspected something was 'fishy' when they arrived to find the safe outside.

The hosts of an Airbnb rental have shared the horrifying scenes that greeted them after their guests checked out.

In a video which has since racked up more than 14.4 million views on TikTok, Marian Heredia says she knew “something was fishy” after finding the unit’s safe outside the property in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“So we had a guest trash our unit,” she says in the minute and a half long clip which starts with the scratched and dented pink safe on the floor. “I came to check up on the unit after they checked out and my first clue was finding the safe outside and it was all banged up.”

The Airbnb's trashed hallway (left), the graffiti on the wall (centre) and the trashed kitchen (right).
The TikTok video revealed disgusting scenes inside the Airbnb in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Source: TikTok/mariheredi

As Marian makes her way into the ‘Pink Pastel Unit’, a broken side table is pictured near the door. Once inside, the true devastation is revealed. “Coming up we have this beautiful graffiti on the wall,” she says, panning over the giant red letters that read ‘parkside’.

“[There’s] stuff all over the floor [and] the furniture was, I don’t know, it looked like a tornado went in there.”

Moving down the hallway, Marian arrives at the kitchen, which she describes as a “disaster”. “They took detergent and just spilled it all over the floor, like laundry detergent, and they ordered pizza and food and just threw it everywhere,” she said. “Like they had a party, they had a ball.”

In the video, blue liquid covers the tiles with a multitude of items scattered across the floor.

“They managed to get in our closet and they took everything out of it and threw it everywhere,” she adds upstairs. “They also locked the backroom door and left the water running. But it was crazy. They took pancake flour mix and butter and shook it and sprayed it everywhere.”

‘Looks like someone had it out for you’

Sharing the video on TikTok, Marian managed to keep her spirits high. “Small bump in the road!” she wrote. “But we keep pushing. Airbnb has insurance and they’ll be paying us out for all lost belongings, furniture replacements and cleaners.”

More than 29,000 people have since commented on the clip. “I cannot understand what is the matter with people,” one person wrote. “Total disrespect!” another said. While someone else called for the guests to be “banned from Airbnb”, others questioned whether the damage was “personal”.

The 'Pastel Pink Unit' is a pride and joy for its hosts, Marian Heredia and Nathalia Esther. Source: Instagram/pastelselfiehouse
The 'Pastel Pink Unit' is a pride and joy for its hosts Marian Heredia and Nathalia Esther. Source: Instagram/pastelselfiehouse

“Nah that wasn’t a party, they meant to do this, people are sick,” one person wrote. “That looks like someone who had it out for you,” said another. “Did someone have a personal vendetta against you?” added someone else.

Resilient hosts ready to 'move on'

While Marian and her business partner missed out on a booking because of the mess, she says they had the unit “back to normal” after about three days. “I’m calm because crying and screaming on TikTok wouldn’t do anything for me,” she responded to a user. “Things happen and all we can do is move on!”

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