Airbnb guest ordered to leave after 3am message chain – but who is at fault?

A highly anticipated Christmas getaway quickly turned sour after a late-night argument broke out between an Airbnb host and their guest.

The guest vowed to go 'back to booking hotels' and posted several videos on TikTok to express her dissatisfaction with her overnight stay.

One video shared the message thread between the pair, which was initially amicable as they exchanged standard details about the 'tent glamping' property located near the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

The picture shows a German Shepherd dog behind a gate.
The host asked the guest to leave the property over a dispute about a dog. Source: TikTok

The Airbnb listing promises a camping experience without the set-up, located on a farm with 'horses to interact with and dogs on the property'.

After spending time with friends on Christmas Eve, the guest returned to the property in the early hours of Christmas morning. She had earlier found out the host had no problem with her coming back late at night. When she arrived she found an unknown dog lying at the 'other side of the second entry gate' and felt compelled to remain in her car for fear of her own safety.

After messaging the host for clarification and receiving no answer, the woman contacted Airbnb Support for advice, citing her enquiry a 'safety issue'.

The Airbnb host barks back

The host responded back to the guest, explaining the dog is friendly and she also expressed her disdain at being woken up in the early hours of the morning to a complaint, causing the friendly rapport between the pair to swiftly diminish.

After several heated messages were exchanged, the host amended the booking and asked the guest to leave, saying she felt 'uncomfortable' having her stay on her property. The guest said she would be glad to leave.

Airbnb were called to step in

After both parties contacted Airbnb for guidance and to plead their case on the incident, it was decided that the guest was required to reimburse the host after the gate was reportedly damaged. The host referred to the guest's previous message to which she said she contemplated opening the gate with her car to avoid being in contact with the dog in question.

The host is to be compensated $222.69, but the guest is still disputing the decision.

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