Hoarder leaves hotel room trashed with rubbish, bottles of urine

The man didn't leave the room for more than a YEAR, forcing staff to take action.

This is the sickening aftermath of a man who never left his hotel room for 16 months leaving a mountain of trash behind him.

Shocking video footage taken in the hotel in southwest China shows the small room crammed with takeaway cartons and bottles of urine.

The traditional toilet had long since been blocked and smeared human waste can be seen engrained into the floor and up the walls.

Footage shows garbage inside a hoarder's hotel room in Chongqing, China.
The hoarder who rented the hotel room didn't go out for a year. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

In the bedroom, the floor has disappeared under layers of rubbish which even seem to have swallowed the furniture as well.

All that can be seen of the bed appears to be a wooden headboard and a few filthy sheets.

And in places, the piles of trash reach more than a metre high up one of the room's walls.

The only thing that can still be seen clearly is a TV screwed to a fitting close to the ceiling.

The occupant – not named in local media in the municipality of Chongqing – was eventually asked to leave for not paying his bill and was taken away by his family.

The video was later shared on Douyin, China's version of TikTok.

It shocked many netizens, who wondered how the man survived in the filthy conditions.

"I have never been able to believe that there are such lazy and sloppy people in this world, how do they live?" one woman wrote.

"I want to ask, where did he sleep?" another questioned.

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