Airbnb host mocked over bizarre list of kitchen rules: 'Neurotic'

A "neurotic" Airbnb host's list of kitchen rules have gone viral after a guest decided to share their sheer dismay online.

A picture of the supposed guidelines printed on an A4 sheet of paper in questionable font sitting on what appears to be a kitchen counter was posted on Reddit this week. And honestly there is a lot to unpack.

Firstly, the host requires that only one dish and glass be used per meal. They must also be washed by hand, due to "issues in the past with non-complacency".

As for one of the more controversial rules, the dishwasher can only be used outside of "neighbourhood quiet hours", which are between 1pm to 2.30pm and 10pm to 9.30am.

A photo of a kitchen counter. Another photo of the Airbnb host's kitchen rules on an A4 piece of paper.
An Airbnb host's list of kitchen rules has caused a stir online. Source: Reddit/Getty

"We've had numerous complaints about the noise and have respected the neighbourhood quiet times by not using major electronics," the host explained. Guests are also not allowed to "bend our spoons" or keep food in the fridge for "more than 16 hours" for "sanitary reasons".

The seventh rule insists that "tap water is okay", however in tiny font underneath it says "drink at your own risk".

Social media users react to Airbnb rules

The Reddit post published on Wednesday has so far garnered almost 29,000 views and nearly 4,000 comments, with most people not knowing where to start with their criticism.

"I would not feel comfortable in that house. I feel like you'd be on edge the whole time," one person said. "What's Airbnb's refund policy on 'accidentally booked stay with neurotic host'?" another joked.

"Airbnb needs to require hosts to post these rules upfront and have strict guidelines about what hosts are even allowed to set, rule-wise," a third person wrote.

But not everyone thought the rules were dramatic, with some people insisting guests can get pretty messy.

"Honestly as someone who does Airbnb turn overs ... people are forgetful, unsanitary, and inconsiderate. None of these strike me as odd. Except the odd selection of fonts and colours," one person said.

But mostly, people were puzzled by the 16-hour fridge and dishwasher rules. "Is no one else wondering how food in the fridge becomes 'unsanitary' after only 16 hours?" one person said.

"How does a dishwasher wake up neighbours?" another piped in. "I call BS on that, they just really don't want you to use the dishwasher," someone replied.

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