Aussies face AirBnB ban on New Year's Eve

You might need to double check your New Year's Eve plans.

Popular accomodation platform AirBnB has announced it is cracking down of revellers looking to party their way into 2023 with strict new rules in 11 countries – including Australia.

The company has revealed it is focusing on "heightened rules and technologies aimed at helping to stop unauthorised parties" happening in houses rented through its service.

AirBnB users without a positive review history will be unable to book an entire house for a single night on New Year's Eve this year. Nor will people who have not previously used the platform.

"We are committed to reducing instances of unauthorised parties and helping hosts protect against neighbourhood disruption," the company said in a statement.

It might be harder to find a house party this New Year's Eve. Source: Getty
It might be harder to find a house party this New Year's Eve. Source: Getty

AirBnB says it is also introducing tighter restrictions for those same guests who try to book properties for two or three nights over the NYE period, with a particular emphasis on attempts to book locally.

While the tech giant has previously rolled out these rules it has expanded the number of countries affected by them as it tries to combat a reputation for facilitating stays which disrupt the local community. The end of year rules will apply for the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands.

"Stays take place across the world each night on Airbnb, with the overwhelming majority of guests and hosts being respectful of neighbours and delivering benefits to their local community," said Naba Banerjee, AirBnB's Director of Trust Product and Operations.

"These proactive defences will help to promote responsible travel and help to prevent rare instances of unwelcome behaviour, and enable hosts, guests and communities to enjoy their end of year celebrations with added reassurance."

After first being trialled in 2020, the company said almost 13,000 wannabe guests in Australia were blocked from booking a house last year, on December 31, 2021.

In October 2020, the company launched a crackdown on party houses, removing more than 400 listings across Australia due to violating the company's policies on parties and events, or for having received a number of complaints. Earlier this year it announced a trail of a suite of new technology measures designed to reduce the number of wild parties held by AirBnB guests. That trial is now very much being put into action.

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