Airbnb guest spots 'creepy' detail above bathtub

A person staying at an Airbnb came across a "creepy" find midway through taking a peaceful bath.

They captured some photos of the discovery and posted them online to get people's thoughts on what it might be.

"Over the bathtub in my Airbnb," the traveller said on Reddit.

"I noticed it halfway through my bath."

After taking a closer look, they figured out it was a speaker lodged into the wall.

Two photos of a speaker built into the bathroom of an Airbnb, that a person uncovered while taking a bath.
A traveller found a speaker built into the bathroom of an Airbnb, over the bathtub. Source: Reddit/N0dogs

"I actually had to take the grate off to see finally that it was a speaker. There’s no audio jacks to use them," they said.

"It was incredibly hard to see with the naked eye. I tried photographing it from a few angles and I couldn’t figure it out. Requires me to take the vent off. It was 9 feet (2.7m) off the ground and I needed the camera to take closer look at it.

"I was relieved to find the speaker but that creeped the sh*t out of me."

Social media users react to speaker

Despite being posted only a day ago, the post has received more than 23,000 views, with some saying it was obvious it was a speaker.

"Soon as I saw the foam ring I knew it had to be a speaker," one person said. "Very unfortunate design given its placement though."

"It's a 4x6 car speaker. The smaller parts are a midrange and tweeter. It's a 3-way speaker. Looks like Pyle brand possibly," another said, which the poster agreed with.

"You’re correct. Upon closer inspection it was that." they replied.

"Imagine if it’s been modded with a camera," a third person said.

The majority of people didn't seem to find the speaker creepy, suggesting "the previous owner just really enjoyed listening to tunes in the bathtub?".

"I went to a resort a month back and they had a speaker in the bathroom linked to the tv," another said. "It was immediately one of those 'I've gotta have one of these back home' moments when I tried it out."

"I have this set-up, it's really comes in handy when watching sports and such," a third person said.

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