'Disgraceful': Viewers fume over AFL finals 'dog act'

GWS star Toby Greene is certain to come under AFL video scrutiny again for another incident involving apparent contact to an opponent's face.

But match reviewer Michael Christian will be looking long and hard at the second-quarter incident in Saturday night's epic semi-final.

There was a jumble of arms as Lachie Neale was on the ground and the Brisbane midfielder was left holding his face in obvious pain.

It is one of several incidents that will keep Christian busy after a brutal clash.

"I wasn't aware of that (incident) at the time, there was probably a bit of heat in the game, it is what it is, we will see what they say, but I didn't think there was too much in it," Greene told Channel Seven.

Furious fans took a much grimmer view of it, insisting the AFL needed to make an example of a player with an extensive rap sheet of indiscretions.

The tribunal look set for a busy week, with Geelong certain to challenge Tom Hawkins' one-game striking ban.

Greene was high among the Giants' best players.

But only umpire Ray Chamberlain rivalled him for boos from the pro-Lions crowd.

Greene was referred to the tribunal, pleaded guilty and fined $7500 last week for misconduct against Western Bulldogs star Marcus Bontempelli, including making contact with his face.

Toby Greene could be in hot water after a controversial incident against the Lions. Pic: Fox Sports/Getty

Another big talking point out of Saturday night's clash was players targeting injured opponents.

Field umpire Shaun Ryan sparked plenty of debate when he was heard warning GWS player Adam Kennedy against trying to knock the sore elbow of Brisbane forward Charlie Cameron.

Lions hard-nut Nick Robertson also knocked Lachie Whitfield in the back soon after the Giant had received a solid hit.

That prompted an angry reaction from Whitfield.

But Giants coach Leon Cameron and Lions counterpart Chris Fagan did not mind how the game was played.

"I thought the spirit of the game was absolutely spot-on," Cameron said.

"It's just cut-throat ... we can't afford to slip up.

"I thought two young teams just went like two bulls and at the end, we were both standing, but one got through."

Likewise, Fagan was not worried when asked about the opposition attention paid to Cameron's elbow.

"If you're out there, you're fair game aren't you? That's the way the game goes," Fagan said.

"Take no prisoners, it was a final."

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