'Can anyone name it?': Queensland divers left confused by huge transparent sea creature

Josh Dutton

A deep-sea diver has snapped a photo of a mysterious sea creature off the Far North Queensland coast.

Jay Wink of ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas normally takes photos of tourists enjoying a good time out on the Reef.

But when someone spotted the bizarre, tubular being from the deep from the boat he had to re-angle his camera.

“Someone noticed this ‘pink thing’, and said, ‘What the Hell is that?’” Mr Wink told 7 News Online.

He jumped in with a fellow diver and both were in awe as it moved around, touching the strobe of Mr Wink’s camera.

Mr Wink still has no idea what the creature is. Source: ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas

“It was literally like a foot in front of my face. Then it just drifted away,” Mr Wink said.

“We see lots of weird stuff out in the ocean, and we do a lot of its ecology – cleaning up bags and garbage in the sea.

“But I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mr Wink said he chose to share pics of the creature on his Facebook page, but what the entity is exactly is yet to be determined.

No one has determined what the creature is. Source: ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas

Some believe it could be a pyrosome, an organism made up of thousands of tiny creatures moving together, but Mr Wink said if you look closely “they are not the same”.

“Pyrosomes appear more solid and this was translucent,” he said.

Investigations into the nature of the sea creature continue, with an expert at James Cook University being pipped for their opinion.

”He’s yet to receive a yes or no answer on what it is,” Mr Wink said.