ABC interview gatecrashed by intruder: 'CAREER HIGHLIGHT'

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ABC host Patricia Karvelas was treated to an unexpected guest live on-air on Friday afternoon, saying the impromptu appearance was a highlight of her career.

Speaking with Karvelas on the ABC's Friday Briefing, The Guardian's Matilda Boseley was discussing Prime Minister Scott Morrison's perceived backflip on Covid vaccination mandates. 

Mr Morrison has made headlines this week for raising his concerns with state-based vaccine mandates, insisting Australians "take their life back". 

Yet his comments have been criticised for appearing to sympathise with protesters and have been likened to comments made by former US president Donald Trump who was accused of inciting violence prior to the US Capitol Riot.

Boseley was discussing how vaccination status may just transcend policy for many Australians right now and many may view it as more of a moral issue.

Then out of the blue, her cat stuck his head into the frame.

Astro, Matilda Boseley's cat stole the show on the ABC. Source: ABC
Astro, Matilda Boseley's cat stole the show on the ABC. Source: ABC

As she tried to gently push him away, the cat, named Astro according to his Instagram, insisted on being on camera.

Unable to shoo Astro out of shot, Boseley resorts to pulling him away from the camera, as Karvelas chuckles.

"Oh no!" Boseley exclaims, but luckily for her, Karvelas thought the appearance was great.

Patricia Karvelas was treated to a
Patricia Karvelas was treated to a "career highlight" on Friday afternoon. Source: ABC

"That is so good, like we've had cats on this show, but not actually a cat going across the screen. That is, that is a career highlight for me," the ABC veteran said.

"Thank you Matilda for providing that television moment where your cat actually took over the screen."

Boseley, along with the other guests on the show, Tarang Chawla and Cam Wilson, laughed it off and Boseley dived back into what she was saying about the PM.

"Vaccinations are a part of how people like to view Australia now," she said very eloquently following her cat gatecrashing her moment on the ABC.

"I'm not sure how it's going to gel to suddenly have a prime minister, who whether it's true or not, appears to have done a backflip on it.

"Like it's deeper than just a policy thing. I think it's a matter of identity and I'm not sure how that's going to play."

Astro sheepish in follow up Twitter post

Later on Twitter, Boseley joked people should be grateful she got the chance to grab Astro before he had the gave his thoughts on Victoria'a pandemic powers bill.

She also apologised to Karvelas and shared a picture of the mischievous black cat following the interview.

"He knows what he did," she said, along with the picture of Astro looking rather sheepish.

Like Karvelas, people on social media loved Astro's ABC debut, though one person did point out thousands of viewers sort of had a black cat cross their path. 

So if you are superstitious, there's a chance a whole lot of people have bad luck coming their way.

Latest in long line of WFH television mishaps

There have been many interruptions live on TV, as people work from home.

Last month, an excited son crashed his father's interview with Bloomberg Surveillance and treated viewers to some dancing a gleeful laughter.

Last year, UK's Sky News journalist Deborah Haynes was interrupted by her biscuit-demanding son live on-air.

However, the best interview interruption happened when New Zealand's Minister for Social Development's son found an odd-shaped vegetable.

Carmel Sepuloni wrestled with her son on camera, who was trying to show off a "deformed carrot shaped like a male body part".

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