Man discovered dead in lotus position

Man discovered dead in lotus position

Man discovered dead in lotus position

A man has been discovered dead in the yoga's lotus position in his burnt-out apartment in Sydney.

Police officers were puzzled by the strange discovery and could not explain why the man was so unusually positioned in the corner of the main bedroom, News Limited reported.

Officers reportedly confirmed they were looking into the possibility the man, aged in his 30s, "zoned out" while meditating when the fire broke out yesterday. They do not believe the fire was suspicious.

"We can't yet establish why the deceased man was sitting in that position.

"It may be the case he was meditating and had zoned out, or it may be unrelated," police reportedly told News Limited.

It is believed the man died from smoke inhalation, in the fire, which was possibly caused from a smouldering cigarette on the bed's mattress.

Neighbours, at the block of 12 units in Campsy, reported hearing strange noises coming from the apartment in the early hours of yesterday.

"It was like, sort of, a banging around noise," a neighbour reported.

Police believe the noise was the start of the fire, which was not discovered until just before 9am.

Residents in the block reportedly said the deceased was a quiet man, who generally kept to himself.

Police investigators spent most of yesterday at the scene and a report was being prepared for the Coroner.

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