WATCH: Man uses broom to chase off 'gun-waving thief' while shouting 'robber! robber!'

A brave employee has used a broom to chase a gun-waving would-be robber from a Chinese restaurant in Queensland.

The 61-year-old employee hit the intruder with the broom before chasing him out of the Morayfield shop, in Brisbane's north, on Tuesday night.

“He pulled the gun out and then with two hands he holds it, then said ‘money, money, money’,” staff member Peter Vuong said.

Employee Peter Vuong. Picture: 7 News

The Chinese restaurant in Morayfield. Picture: 7 News

Mr Vuong said the masked man entered the restaurant and allegedly pulled out handgun on owner Demi, demanding cash.

The 61-year-old said he stepped in to protect his boss, telling the man there was no cash in the store.

Thinking the gun was fake, Mr Vuong went into the kitchen and grabbed a broom, hitting the would-be thief in the face.

Mr Vuong armed himself with a broom. Picture: 7 News

“He was scared and ran away,” Mr Vuong said, adding that he ran after the man shouting “robber, robber”.

The man was later caught on camera allegedly making his getaway on a bicycle which was hidden nearby in bushes.

Mr Vuong admitted he felt scared after the robbery, when the adrenalin wore off.

The would-be robber was captured on CCTV riding away. Picture: 7 News

Anyone who can identify the man, should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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