'Party drugs ruined my life': Man shares confronting video showing how ecstasy affected his body


A young man has shared a confronting video showing how party drugs have ruined his life.

Jordy Hurdes stares into the camera and bravely tells the world how using ecstasy destroyed his life.

The 20-year-old from Victoria nearly died and now lives his life with a stutter and body spasms that could be permanent, following a reaction to the drug.

Jordy Hurdes says his life has been ruined because of party drug use.

"Doctors can’t believe I’m still alive. (I’m) so grateful I’m still here. It’s a waiting game at the moment to see whether I’ll have a permanent jerking like I have now — as you can see — and with my stutter I’m not sure whether it will go or get better any time soon,” he said.

“The party scene’s pretty big these days in Australia and so is ecstasy — also known as ‘pingas’ — as most of you would know it as.”

Mr Hurdes wanted to tell his story, not for sympathy, but to raise awareness.

He said his spasms were exhausting and left him shattered by the end of each day.

His message aimed to let Australians who used party drugs, know that it could happen to them.

“Guys don’t get sucked in. It all seems like fun and games and a cheap $25 pill but it’s not worth it, if I have to live like this it will be a struggle for the rest of my life. Be the stronger person and say no to drugs.”

The video has since drawn hundreds of comments from people applauding his bravery.

Before he shared the video Hurdes let people know about his condition in an emotional post on social media.

“So as some of you may have seen I have been in hospital for the past few days. This isn’t a sympathy post, but a post of awareness,” he wrote.

“Going out and having fun is all good and well. And taking party drugs (pills, pingas, googs) seems like a fun option and you don’t think anything life changing could happen to you. Please please please don’t take the “cheaper fun” option, because you never know if it could happened to you.”

“If I can get this into at least a couple of people’s heads then I could have saved someone’s life.

Ecstasy use among 20-to-39-year-old Australians has reached almost nearly one in four.
In 2014, 89 per cent of users surveyed in NSW claimed the drug was easy to obtain.

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