Drowned toddler ‘now with dad’

Alannah Lynch is struggling to come to terms with the death of her two-year-old boy Michael, who drowned in a dam at the family’s South Maclean property on Saturday morning.

Drowned toddler ‘now with dad’

Drowned toddler ‘now with dad’

Mrs Lynch told the Logan West Leader her son was very much loved.

"He’s in a better place, he’s happier and he’s got his biological father up there with him, looking after him, all the loved ones we’ve lost looking after him and loving him," she said.

Michael's father, Daniel, was killed in a car crash north of Beaudesert, less than a year ago.

"He was happy, playful, adventurous and continuously smiling all the time. You couldn’t not smile looking at him," she said.

SES personnel and 150 volunteers searched for 10 hours for the toddler, whose body was discovered after the family’s dam was drained.

After the discovery, fundraising efforts began to help the family cover funeral expenses.

"We were very surprised and very thankful, it was overwhelming how many people came," Mrs Lynch said.

"A lot of our friends and family came but other than that, the majority were strangers, and that was the amazing thing. We don’t expect anyone to donate but if they want to help, we’d really appreciate it."

A funeral fund has been set-up through PayPal - the email address is boo_81@bigpond.com.

To deposit money directly into the family's account - BSB: 084385, account number: 147 933 147.