Stray wallaby on fourth floor of car park

A stray wallaby has broken into a Melbourne shopping centre's multi-storey car park, sparking a tense rescue operation.

Stray wallaby on fourth floor of car park

Stray wallaby on fourth floor of car park

Seven News reporter Cameron Baud captured on camera the marsupial bouncing precariously on a ledge of a four-storey car park at the high-rise Westfield shopping centre in Doncaster.

It proved to be a difficult rescue operation for wildlife officers who first tranquilised the runaway before using nets to prevent it from jumping off the ledge next to a 50 metre drop.

The animal was wrapped in blankets before being loaded it into a rescue van.

It does not appear to have any injuries apart from some damaged toenails from hopping on concrete, but it will get a vet check up.

Rescuer Manfred Zabinskas, who tranquilised the animal, is confident it will make a full recovery.

"I think he needs some respite care so he can rest and recover from the stress of the situation," he said.

Spokeswoman for Wildlife Victoria Amy Amato said the shopping centre's management spotted the wallaby at about 10am and then closed off the open-air car park.

She believes the stray may have wandered in from nearby bushland.

7News camera crew captured the dramatic rescue of a wallaby on the top of a multi-storey car park. Photo: 7News

Wallaby in dramatic car park rescue. Photo: 7News