Ugly schoolyard clash caught on camera

A teenage girl has been treated in hospital for head injuries after a vicious schoolyard fight that was captured on camera.

Ugly schoolyard clash caught on camera

Ugly schoolyard clash caught on camera

The year nine student at a secondary college in Melbourne's south-east suffered concussion after an ugly clash with a fellow female student during a lunchtime break.

The fight was captured on mobile phones by other students.

The disturbing footage, seen exclusively by Seven News, shows high school students cheering on the two girls as the fight escalates, before one of them falls to the ground hitting her head.

Finally a person steps in to stop the violence.

School yard attack caught on camera. Photo: Supplied

But it came too late for one of the girls who was taken to hospital with concussion.

She spoke to Seven News today, insisting she had done nothing wrong.

"I'm just really sore," she said. "Back injuries, neck injuries."

Girl treated in hospital after schoolyard clash. Photo: Supplied

It's believed the fight followed racist taunts posted on Facebook.

"The cyber bullying thing it's just got to stop," the girl said. "People get hurt from what people say and it's just not right."

The school says it was an isolated incident and that all students have been put through anti-bullying and cyber safety programs.

The school principal said: "We've taken strong disciplinary action, including a suspension."

Two female pupils involved in schoolyard fight. Photo: Supplied