Barry blames Labor for gun crime

FIRST ON 7: New South Wales Premier, Barry O'Farrell, has come out firing over Sydney's rampant gun crime, blaming cuts to border security that allow weapons smugglers to flourish.

Crackdown on gun smuggling

Crackdown on gun smuggling

While the federal government doesn't dispute the Premier's figures, it says it's time to work together on a solution.

Almost every gun-related crime in New South Wales involves a handgun and most of them, police say, are imported by criminal syndicates.

"This is a cottage industry and that's worrying," Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said.

Today, police seized pistols in the mail en route from Queensland to Moorebank. They are an example of the 3000 illegal guns seized annually.

That tally includes an Uzi machine gun that was discovered at Campbelltown last weekend, which was definitely smuggled into the country.

The Premier says it's time to stop playing politics and work together in the interests of the people of western Sydney.

"Under the Howard government, 60 percent of all air cargo was inspected. Under the Rudd-Gillard government, it's now less than 10 percent," New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell said.

Most guns stolen from licenced owners in Australia are rifles, and since most gun-related crime involves handguns, police conclude they're coming from overseas.

They can't be sure of their origin though as almost always, the gun's serial number has been scratched out.

The interception of Glock pistols at Sylvania Post Office last year netted 220 guns in one seizure alone.

It's three times as many firearms as those stolen in New South Wales, every year.

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