Pupils turned away over school uniform stoush

Pupils turned away over school uniform stoush

Pupils turned away over school uniform stoush

Students at a St Albans school have been sent home for a third day in a row for failing to comply with school uniform rules.

More than 100 year 11 and 12 pupils arrived for the start of term at Victoria University Secondary College on Wednesday but were sent home for turning up in an old-style uniform.

Some were turned away for a third consecutive day today for continuing to flout the new uniform policy.

Principal Genevieve Simson argues parents and pupils were given two years to prepare for the introduction of the new uniform at the start of this term.

Amy Grey and her sister Erin were among those banned from attending classes for breaching the school's dress code.

Amy was not wearing a blazer and sister Erin was wearing the old school jumper and the wrong type of shoes.

Amy claims teachers told her not to return to school unless she was wearing the correct uniform.

"They told me if I don't have a blazer then I should move on to another school or get a job and not come back," she said.

"Teachers went up to people one by one and told them to exit."

The girls' mother Joanne Grey said parents were confused over the new dress code policy and when it came into effect.

But the school insists parents were sent letters explaining the new rules.

"When Erin rang me she was in tears," Ms Grey said. "I'm angry...they are there for an education. There's a safety issue...I don't think kids should be walking the street.

"They are out in uniform walking the street too, which is not a very good representation for the school."

The new uniform became necessary in late 2010 when three schools merged to form Victoria University Secondary College. It was available last year but was not made compulsory until this week.

Ms Simson told Seven News: "We have clearly communicated the uniform policy over the last two years. There's been a long transition period to the new uniform.

"We believe school uniforms give our students a strong sense of pride and commitment to the community.

"We remain committed to our school uniform policy, however, we recognise that some parents have not yet purchased the new school uniform."

It costs parents around $300 to deck one child out in the full uniform, with major items including a blazer at $110, a jumper at almost $85, a skirt at almost $60 and pants at $46.

Ms Grey said many cash-strapped families simply cannot afford to pay for a new uniform.

"It's not easy not when you have had other things to pay for," Ms Grey said.

"Financially it's hard for parents to come up with the money."

The school has pledged support to parents in financial need.

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