Australian Holdens joining US police force

Australian Holdens joining US police force

Australian Holdens joining US police force

Australia’s oldest and fiercest motoring rivalry has gone global, as American police replace their Ford patrol cars with Adelaide-built Holdens.

In a strong warning to criminals around the world, Aussie might and ingenuity is cracking the law-enforcement market.

Officers with the Burbank Police - based just out of Los Angeles - have been road-testing the Holden Caprice, and the department has now signed up for at least 11 of the vehicles.

“The power and the handling is quite efficient, and in our job nationally, sometimes we do have to chase people,” Sgt Darin Ryburn from Burbank Police said.

“All of the comments we have had have been very positive on the car itself.”

Ford’s Crown Victoria has been America’s preferred patrol car for at least 15 years, but the Holden Caprice, under the Chevrolet badge, is charging into the market.

More than 3000 have been sold in the past 12 months.

Holden says it is good news for business to be selling cars in America.

“US work for us is a bit like (selling) coals to Newcastle - it’s always a good story to be shipping cars back to the home of the automotive industry world-wide,” said Steve Manson from Holden.

He said they have even had interest from Canada, Mexico and the Middle East.

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