A free mobile laundry service for the homeless

The Orange Sky mobile laundry is an ambitious project that's lifting spirits of those living on the streets of Brisbane.

It's Australia's first mobile laundry service to give the homeless free access to washing and drying facilities.

The co-founders Lucas Patchett and Nic Marchesi say they hope to achieve three things.

"Restore respect, raise health standards and reduce strain on resources," said Lucas Patchett.

Inside the van there are two 10kg washers and dryers, which allow the team to get 20kg of washing done every hour.

The co-founders have funded the van and a portable generator, while sponsors provided the machines.

A free mobile laundry service for the homeless has been started in Brisbane
A free mobile laundry service for the homeless has been started in Brisbane

At the moment the laundry is shadowing food vans, with the aim of having clothes washed, while meals are being cooked and eaten.

"Grab your clothes and chuck em in and about an hour later all my clothes washed and smelling fresh it was pretty awesome," said homeless man Sean Wilson.

It also plugs into welfare centres.

"We don't have any laundry facilities here, but have a lot of rough sleepers come here for feeds and support so this is actually ideal for us," said Major Bryce Davies from the Street Level Mission.

Orange Sky Laundry will be trialled over the next three months.

But it's hoped the project will grow and that one day there will be a fleet of larger trucks or vans servicing locations around the country.

Head to www.orangeskylaundry.com.au for more information.

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