100-year-old war veteran beats coronavirus after 58-day battle

A 100-year-old World War II veteran has beaten COVID-19, after fighting the virus for weeks in hospital.

Lloyd Falk was admitted to Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Virginia on March 24, and he spent 58 days battling the virus.

According to the Henrico, Parham & Retreat Doctors' Hospitals’ Facebook page, Mr Falk was one of the first COVID-19 patients admitted to Henrico Doctors’ Hospital.

Sadly a few weeks ago, Mr Falk’s wife, who he had been married to for 74 years, died of COVID-19, however the 100-year-old veteran has survived.

Lloyd Falk, a 100-year-old war veteran has beaten COVID-19, after months in hospital and losing his wife of 74 years to the virus. Source: Storyful

“Despite losing his wife to the virus a few weeks ago, Mr Falk continued to stay strong, defying the odds and surviving his fight against COVID-19,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.

This week, the care team at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital saluted the veteran and wheeled him out of the hospital, as Mr Falk begins his rehabilitation and recovery.

A video posted to the Facebook page shows staff lining the hospital halls, clapping as Mr Falk is rolled out, not only honouring him but also his late wife. Mr Falk is heard thanking staff as he leaves.

“We salute you, Mr. Falk,” the touching Facebook post said.

“Your courage and resilience inspires us all. You know where to find us if you need us.”

At the start of the video, Mr Falks thanks the staff for helping him recover.

“For the most part, you have been so helpful and I really do appreciate it,” he says.

Waiting for him outside the hospital is Mr Falk’s daughter, waving and also expressing her appreciation for the staff at the hospital.

“I really thought so many times he was gone, you know,” she said.

“And he just got back up. Thank you for everything, all the tests and everything you’ve done for my father and also helping him through losing his wife of 74 years, that was hard on him.

“It’s just amazing at 100 he survived.”

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