'It's for the blind': Couple filmed stealing guide dog charity tin

Police are hunting for two thieves who were filmed stealing the iconic guide dog donation container from a Perth newsagency.

Money that is used to help train and raise guide dogs to assist Australia’s blind was stolen from the Dalkeith shop when a couple executed their plan to distract a staff member.

Standing at the counter, the pair asked if their parcel was ready for collection, prompting the shop worker to leave the counter and search for their non-existent package.

The man, who has distinctive tattoos on his arms, first gives the container a nudge before checking that the coast is clear and placing the small dog shaped container in a gift bag.

The couple distracted the shop keeper before the man can be seen placing the dog shaped charity container in his bag. Source: 7 News

He then made his way for the door while the woman waited for the shop keeper to return. Source: 7 News

As he walks away, his accomplice waits to be told that her parcel isn’t there.

The staff only learned of the theft when someone tried to make a donation half an hour later.

“Very disappointed because it's for the blind and they need the support from the public,” the shop manager told 7 News.

The stolen money would have gone towards Guide Dogs Australia's dog training which costs more than $35,000 for each dog.

The pair have been slamemd for the low act. Source: 7 News

It may not be the first time the couple has struck either.

Two-weeks-ago at a cafe in Maylands, a man and woman distracted staff before stealing the tip jar in Fremantle, using a ploy that was similar to that used in the newsagency.

If you can help identify the thieves, contact Crime Stoppers.

News break - February 6

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