Zaky Mallah calls Abbott government terrorists in YouTube rant

Zaky Mallah has called the federal government a “terrorist organisation” in a video posted today on his YouTube channel.

Mr Mallah, 31, previously upset many viewers watching ABC’s Q&A when he said the government’s policies were encouraging vulnerable young Muslims to leave for Syria to fight with IS.

His comments came after government MP Steven Ciobo suggested Mallah was acquitted on 2003 terrorism charges on a ‘technicality.’

Not one to avoid controversy, Mr Mallah released a video today. In the clip, he is heard describing himself as “the nation’s worst nightmare”.

Mr Mallah told YouTube viewers the response to his ABC comments had been over the top.

“The Abbott terrorist organisation government has told everyone, the whole nation that I, Zaky Mallah am a danger,” he said.

“Tony Abbott, if I am so much of a danger as you claim, then why do I still have my Australian passport?” he added.

The ABC has been heavily criticised for featuring Mr Mallah on the panel program.

Mr Mallah wound up his video with sexual comments directed towards two female News Corp journalists.

News break - June 29