YouTube's most loved woman has yet to reveal her identity

Natasha Christian

An anonymous woman who unboxes children’s toys holds the key to the most watched YouTube account in the world, yet next to nothing is known about her.

Since DisneyCollectorBR went live in April 2011, it quickly gained the attention of viewers and has become a regular name at the top of YouTube charts

It’s the internet’s go to destination for people wanting to watch adults play with children’s toys.

The uploader has consistently remained on top of the YouTube performance charts for more than a year, yet no one seems to know who she is.

All you ever see in her videos is the toy she’s unboxing and her pretty nail-polished hands, accompanied by her voice which enthusiastically describes what she's doing.

What’s more interesting is that not far behind DisneyCollectorBR in popularity is another channel known as BluCollection.

Photo: DisneyCollectorBR YouTube

BluCollection runs their videos in the same format as DisneyCollectorBR, the only difference is that the toys are unboxed by a man.

It’s said the channel tycoons are husband and wife as their channels are linked but that's never been officially confirmed.

The channels seem far too simple to have taken YouTube by storm, yet the viewers are going crazy for them, especially kids.

To date DisneyCollectorBR has attracted almost 7 billion views and more than 4.7m subscribers.

Unsurprisingly, their unboxing efforts have made them multi-millionaires.

While the couple have declined multiple interview requests by several media companies, there have been plenty of calls from users for them to identify themselves.

The most known about them is thanks to a commenter on blogsite FranticMama last year, who responded to a call for information:

“They are indeed married, their names are Messias and Vera Credidio. They’re in their mid 40’s and live in Winter Park, Florida about 30 minutes from DisneyWorld. Before starting his YouTube channel, Messias ran a photography company. And the BR on DisneyCollectorBR? It stands for Brazillian— their ethnicity.”

All we know of the woman behind DisneyCollectorBR is that she likes toys and nail polish.

Despite this teaser of information there’s no private social media accounts, no pictures of them and pretty much no other trace of them online.

There is however a Disney Collector Facebook account but it has an underwhelming amount of followers compared to the YouTube.

The pair obviously want to be left alone with their millions made from YouTube but its understandable why people are curious about them.

The fans must love a good mystery too, as they keep on coming back to watch more.

DisneyCollectorBR were contacted by Yahoo7 for comment but did not respond.