'You're about to get robbed': Boy avoids jail after 'holding up' truck driver with cap gun

Krystal Johnson

An 11-year Guildford schoolboy has avoided jail after pointing a cap gun at a truck driver in Perth.

The boy approached a 28-year-old truck driver who was sitting in his truck near Great Eastern Highway in July.

This toy gun in similar to the one the 11-year-old boy used to 'hold-up' a truck driver. Photo: 7 News

He had his face covered when he pointed the fake gun at the driver, ordering him to get out saying, “you’re about to get robbed,” and pulled the trigger, letting out a loud bang.

The Guildford boy took the cap off to make it look like a real gun.

The Guildford boy's family can be seen walking out of court . Photo: 7 News

He attended Midland court in Western Australia and was charged for holding up a truck driver with a toy gun and avoided the highest penalty for the offense which was seven years detention.

The primary school student was 10 at the time, just old enough to be held responsible.