Young Sea World helicopter crash survivor speaks for the first time

Nicholas Tadros, 10, who lost his mum Vanessa in the crash, has spoken to thank the many people praying for his recovery.

The young boy who survived the Sea World helicopter crash that tragically killed his mother has been called a "living miracle".

Following the incident on January 2 at the Gold Coast where two helicopters collided, Nicholas Tadros ,10, was rushed to hospital and placed in an induced coma.

Now almost a month later, the western Sydney family's parish priest has said Nicholas is able to talk, confirming he "doesn't have a brain injury".

A photo of Nicholas Tadros, his dad Simon and his mum Vanessa, who sadly died from her injuries from the helicopter crash at Sea World, Gold Coast. Another photo of Nicholas holding a learning award.
Nicholas Tadros, 10, was badly injured when the helicopter he was in collided with another at Sea World with his mum Vanessa (pictured left) dying from her injuries. Source: Facebook

"I spoke to Simon (Nicholas' father) this afternoon and I would like to give you some updates on Nicholas’ condition," Suresh Kumar said on Saturday in a Facebook post.

"Simon is able to talk to him and Nicholas responds very clearly with names, dates etc though his voice is bit slurred. He is still on partial sedation."

Mr Kumar suggested that his mum Vanessa, who died from her injuries, "might have grabbed his head and protected him at the impact".

"She is a hero," Mr Kumar said. "Nicholas will be able to tell us when he is able to recollect. May Vanessa’s soul rest in peace."

The family's priest also said that Nicholas' kidneys have "begun to function now, though not fully", having previously feared that they failed. "He had to be put on dialysis for quite a some time," Mr Kumar said.

Young boy's foot may be amputated

Despite the new developments, not everything is good news at this point, with surgeons still considering amputating the 10-year-old boy's foot which is "shattered very badly".

"We have got to keep praying that his leg is not amputated as the danger of loosing his leg is still looming," Mr Kumar said on Facebook. "Most probably, the doctors will decide about it by next week as the virus infection is still severe."

A photo of remnants of the helicopter that Nicholas and Vanessa Tadros were riding in were scattered across Gold Coast beach.
Remnants of the helicopter that Nicholas and Vanessa Tadros were riding in were scattered across a Gold Coast beach. Source: AP

Though according to the priest, the "little champ is fighting the good fight" and "keeps improving".

"This little boy is a living miracle," he said on Sunday, having spoken to him personally.

"I am very happy that I spoke to our little Nicholas today. I had tears when Simon said that Nicholas wants to talk to me. He thanked all those who are praying for him."

A GoFundMe exists for the Tadros family to help with funeral costs for Vanessa as well as medical expenses for Nicholas.

"Simon will not be able to work at least for 2 years given the circumstances," Mr Kumar revealed on Facebook. "That means, he is needs all the support that we can give him."

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