Young politician in murder-suicide after drama student rejects him

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An aspiring Swiss politician who was spurned by a young drama student allegedly travelled 800 kilometres to see her and shot her dead before turning the gun on himself.

The killer - named only as 22-year-old Kim W. under local privacy laws - had told his parents he was going to see Frozen the Musical in Hamburg, where his victim was at stage school.

He reportedly packed a handgun in his backpack and bought a one-way ticket to the German city for a final confrontation with his 22-year-old love interest, and eventual victim, Antonia Hering.

The killer - who had been at school with his victim's brother - shot her twice in the back outside her apartment before killing himself at around 8.45am on April 5.

The young woman had reportedly spurned the obsessive stalker
The young woman had reportedly spurned the obsessive stalker. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

The young man, who was involved with the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland (CVP) before its dissolution in December 2020, became infatuated with Antonia after meeting her at a party in 2021.

The victim's mother, 62-year-old Henriette, told the German newspaper Bild: "My son Sebastian went to school with the offender. Last summer my son and Antonia went to a club and met Kim."

Despite rejecting his advances, Antonia was blitzed with up to 30 calls a day by the man who would go on to kill her, said her mother.

After being blocked on social media, the stalker sent her a text saying that he was coming to Hamburg on Monday, April 4, and chillingly added: "I don't want to bump into you by accident. Tell me where you are so we can meet up."

Antonia reportedly told him she was too busy to meet up.

But her mother, Henriette, said: "Before the crime, the young man had expressed his personal fantasies to my son about killing himself and Antonia in a love dream."

The killer was involved with the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland.
The killer was involved with the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

When he arrived in Hamburg, Kim allegedly rented a room in a hotel opposite the victim's apartment.

Local media reported that half an hour before her death, Antonia sent her mother a picture she planned to use as a graduation photo when she completed her studies in three weeks.

The pair's bodies were found on the stairwell in front of Antonia's flat, after a witness heard shots and called police, who blocked off the neighbourhood.

After finding the killer's gun, a police spokesperson reported: "According to the current investigation status, he first fatally injured the woman and then himself."

Antonia's heartbroken father, Joerg, said: "She had locked so many people in her heart. We are all devastated."

Her brother, Sebastian, added: "She cast a spell over everyone, was fascinated by things. Whether it was figure skating or music."

The killer's family has not given any public statements.


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