'My worst nightmare!' Woman's terrifying find in busy shopping centre car park

A Christmas shopper got more than they bargained for when they spotted a snake slithering into a car’s grille in the shopping centre car park.

The snake was spotted slithering into a black Kia at the Sunshine Plaza car park on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

A photograph of the terrifying sight was posted to Facebook on Friday, sparking hundreds of comments from many horrified locals .

“Never driving again,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Set on the car on fire,” another user said.

“This is my worst nightmare!” a woman said, while another viewer said the sight “sent shivers down my spine”.

The coastal carpet python was spotted in the Sunshine Coast Plaza. Source: Facebook/Sunshine Coast Community Board

Stuart McKenzie, from The Snake Catcher 24/7 Sunshine Coast, says coastal carpet pythons are “the most common snake that we deal with here on the coast.”

He warned that snakes will be on the move this summer.

“Snakes in general are going to be on the move a fair bit over the next couple of months,” Mr McKenzie told Yahoo7.

“I’d say this snake had just come in and climbed up the levels, probably up the side of the building and then straight inside to get out of the rain.”

Mr McKenzie said January is the company’s busiest month for snake catching, followed by December.

It comes after a fearless 81-year-old grandmother was filmed pulling two pythons out of a barbecue in a Brisbane backyard in August