'Worst flight ever' as Jetstar travellers vomit 'non-stop' from Bali for FIVE HOURS

Passengers on board the plane have sworn off Jetstar over the nauseating flight, saying the smell was "disgusting".

Passengers on board a Jetstar flight from Bali to Brisbane have described it as the “worst flight ever” after several travellers were vomiting for almost the entire five-hour flight.

Aussie fitness guru and businesswoman Ashy Bines, her husband Steve and their two children were among those travelling on JQ58 on Sunday night, and said they began to feel unwell at the airport before their flight boarded.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Ms Bines described the “awful” experience as she and her son Taj vomited “every 20 minutes” on board the flight – which was also delayed by an hour and a half.

Ashy Bines tells her Instagram followers about the nightmare Jetstar flight home from Bali.
Ashy Bines said she and her son were vomiting 'every 20 minutes' on the Jetstar flight home from Bali. Source: Instagram/AshyBines

“The worst flight I have ever taken,” she said on Monday. “I have flown a lot in my life, that was the worst flight ever.

“I spewed a couple of times in the toilets at the airport and I think it must’ve been something we all ate at breakfast. But I spewed a couple of times and I was like, ‘no it's not enough to knock me out, I’ll be okay’.

“And then as I stepped onto the plane and I handed the tickets over, I literally fainted, I fully collapsed.”

Ms Bines said her husband managed to catch her before she could fall to the ground, but the “embarrassing” moment was just the start of the nightmarish flight.

“Steve had Tala [their 11-month-old daughter] the whole flight because the whole flight Taj and I were just spewing on and off … probably like every 20 minutes. At one point I was spewing in my spew bag and holding Taj’s spew bag and he was like, bawling his eyes out,” she said.

Once Tala fell asleep, Steve also began throwing up.

“I was like, ‘oh my gosh, we’re all going down’,” Ms Bines said. “It was horrific, it was so, so tough, it was the toughest flight I’ve ever had.”

Ashy Bines plays with her daughter Tala in their swimmers at a villa in Bali
Ms Bines enjoyed a family trip to Bali with her husband and two kids – including baby Tala – before the uncomfortable flight home. Source: Instagram/AshyBines

Passenger swears off Jetstar after 'disgusting' flight

Sunshine Coast local James Foley was travelling home with his wife on JQ58 after holidaying in Bali.

The pair, who travel internationally frequently, said the trip was “absolutely horrible” and described it as “the worst flight I have ever been present on”.

“Before takeoff until after we landed there was someone being constantly sick,” Mr Foley told Yahoo News Australia.

“When boarding, one passenger physically fainted and they were then continually sick the whole flight,” he added, saying staff should not have allowed ill passengers to board the plane.

“It was absolutely horrible. It wasn’t just them, multiple people on the plane were unwell.

“She should have never been allowed to fly especially when she fainted when boarding the plane. That should have been a red flag to staff.”

Mr Foley said he and his wife were seated between the sick passengers, which made eating and sleeping impossible.

“The odour from the vomiting was disgusting. We couldn’t eat or rest as the vomiting was the whole flight. It was non-stop.”

The couple said they already have flights booked with Jetstar over Christmas, but once that trip is done they have “no intention” of booking with the airline again.

A Jetstar passenger plane prepares for take-off in Denpasar, Bali.
One passenger said he would stop flying with Jetstar. Source: Getty/File

What Jetstar’s policy says

A Jetstar spokesperson said passengers concerned about their health should contact staff before travelling.

"We’re sorry to hear these customers were unwell and acknowledge it would have been an unpleasant experience for others sitting near them," the spokesperson said.

"Our customer team is reaching out to Ms Bines and Mr Foley as well as our crew members to better understand what happened.

"Customers who are too sick to fly should contact us before travelling or speak to our crew so we can help with their booking and consider alternative travel arrangements."

There is no suggestion that the passengers were sick due to Jetstar's food service or turbulence.

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