Workers caught in office sex romp

Workers caught in office sex romp. Photo: (original source)

A cheeky pair of insurance workers are facing the axe after they were caught having a late-night sex romp in a Christchurch office.

The Marsh Ltd employees made the huge mistake of leaving the building lights on when they, quite literally, got down to business.

Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting couple, they had inadvertently put on some live entertainment for a bar full of patrons across the road who had taken up front row seats.

Many huddled around a window to watch the action, whilst others filmed and photographed the romantic liaison.

The steamy images and video have attracted hundreds of likes and shares on social media, but the company is less than impressed.

"It's not the type of behaviour we condone," Marsh Ltd executive Grant Milne told

He said the employees involved had been identified and an investigation was underway.

Several bar patrons said the band even stopped when all eyes turned to the late night show across the street.

"The whole pub knew about it and was watching while they were totally oblivious to it. Afterwards they celebrated with wine," one customer said.

The saucy escapade could cost the workers their jobs.

News break – February 3