Woolworths time-saving lunch hack leaves shoppers 'mind-blown'

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Woolworths hack
One mum's Woolworths lunch hack has gone viral. Photo: Getty Images

As kids head back to school parents have once again been tasked with coming up with tasty, simple and quick lunch ideas.

And while there are plenty of options out there, they aren’t always fast, easy and cheap.

So when one mum shared her ‘life-changing lunch hack’ on social media, other mums quickly jumped at the opportunity to save their sanity too.

Posting her “little mum hack for school” on social media, the mum from the Gold Coast revealed how she preps two to three weeks’ worth of lunches in no time at a fraction of the cost.

“I buy a wraps platter from Woolworths and pull out five for the week and freeze the rest,” she wrote.

“It’s been the best little hack ever!”


Woolies lunch hack
The Woolworths wrap platter serves up around two to three weeks worth of lunches for this mum's family. Source: Woolworths/Facebook

A Woolworths wraps platter costs $35 and contains around 50 pieces of full wraps cut in half with a variety of fillings.

Fellow school mums were extremely impressed with her “genius” idea and flooded her post with questions.

She went on to explain that she orders the platter on a Saturday and picks it up on Sunday ready for the school week.

When it comes to fillings she said you can pick from a deli meats platter selection or a vegetarian selection.

The fillings included chicken lettuce and cheese and mayo, salami, sundried tomatoes and cheese and mayo, ham cheese sundried tomatoes, mayo, and ham lettuce cheese and mayo.

Woolies wrap platter

"I'm definitely trying this!"

Fellow busy mums couldn’t believe how simple her hack was.

“This is actually brilliant!” one mum said, while another added: “This is an amazing idea!”

“That’s a great idea! The wraps are amazing we always have them for our kids birthday parties,” commented a third.

While most thought it was a great idea, some questioned whether the salad fillings would stay fresh after defrosting, but there was a trick to that too.

Ham and cheese wraps in lunch box with apple and tomatoes
Mums said the super easy hack saved time, money and their sanity when racing out the door to school drop off. Source: Getty Images

“I never take them out the night before I always pull them out the morning of. I found if I pull them out the night before they go soggy but doing it each morning they are fine,” she added.

This wasn’t the only much box hack busy mums had come up with either. Others said they do the same with bulk trays of lamingtons and cakes, even ready-made fruit platters to save time cutting up fruit each day.

“I do this!! But with the wraps from Coles. It's such an awesome idea. I used to always buy the fruit platters too so they could have a variety of fruit,” another mum shared.

So the next time you have a busy week ahead this hack could be just the answer for school lunches or even a quick dinner solution!

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