Woolworths stuns with unexpected offer for customers

Supermarket staff have given shoppers a reason to smile.

Woolworths has been applauded after a thoughtful initiative at one of the supermarket giant's stores brought some welcome relief to shoppers trying to beat the heat and soaring living costs.

"Dear customers, we are in for a warm day. Stay safe and hydrated. Please enjoy a bottle of cold water from the store team," read signs attached to tubs of ice and free water bottles at the shop.

Tubs of ice and free water bottles at Woolworths store
Woolworths has received praise for offering customers free cold water on a hot day. Source: Facebook

The small but significant gesture didn't go unnoticed, with one customer sharing a photo of the freebies on Facebook and describing it as a "great idea". Another shopper agreed, commenting, "As it was 40°C in Adelaide today, cold water would have been a treat."

"Can grab some apples for the kids and a bottle of water," added someone else, referencing the free fruit for children also offered by the retailer.

A spokesperson from Woolworths shared with Yahoo News Australia that this offer exemplifies a commitment to acts of kindness that are encouraged among the retailer's network of supermarkets. "Our store teams try and bring a little good to our customers every day," the spokesperson said.

Not everyone was impressed by the generous offer, however, including a critic who suggested that what the supermarket was "really saying is that there's no air conditioning in their store".

Freebie controversy

Free items offered by Woolies have sparked controversy in the past, including last year when customers filmed themselves brazenly walking into stores and helping themselves.

In separate TikTok clips, adults boasted about walking around eating complimentary apples, bananas and mandarins from the "Free Fruit for Kids" displays, then leaving without buying a single item.

Viewers were divided over the practice, with some slamming the acts while others advocated for the free fruit to be available for all customers, regardless of age.

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