Not happy, jam: Woolworths shopper's bizarre find in biscuits

A Woolworths shopper has made an amusing discovery in a pack of biscuits from the supermarket's bakery.

On Tuesday, the shopper was opening his freshly baked pack of Woolworths Jam Drops when he noticed something wasn't quite right with one of the biscuits.

One of the Jam Drops, which take their name from the iconic drop of jam on top of each biscuit, looked a lot more sombre than the rest.

Woolworths Jam Drop biscuit with sad face
One of the shopper's Jam Drops featured a sad face drawn in jam by a Woolworths baker. Source: TikTok

Rather than being topped by a single drop of jam, it appeared that a Woolies baker had used the jam to hand-draw a sad face on the biscuit.

"Clearly someone hates their job," laughed the Woolies customer in a TikTok video, as he zoomed in on the frowning biscuit.

Shoppers amused by biscuit find

Fellow shoppers shared their thoughts on the biscuit's amusing expression.

"That’s priceless," wrote one shopper.

"Best laugh today," wrote a second.

While a third joked: "Maybe someone's not happy with the new PM?"

Woolworths shoppers exit supermarket with groceries in trolleys
Fellow Woolies shoppers shared their thoughts on the amusing biscuit embellishment. Source: Getty

One woman suggested that perhaps the Woolies worker wasn't happy with his or her pay, while another said the baker could have been attempting to put a smile on the shopper's face.

"I think they should put faces on all of them," chimed another.

Woolworths customer in hysterics over spicy ScoMo prank

Meanwhile, a shopper was in hysterics on Thursday after making a surprise discovery in the spice aisle at his local Woolworths.

While searching for bay leaves at Woolworths Kyneton on Wednesday, the Victorian shopper witnessed a sneaky prank.

"Someone had fun at Kyneton Woolies today... made me snort with laughter as I was looking for my bay leaves," wrote the amused shopper on Facebook.

Woolworths spice jars arranged to spell
While searching for bay leaves at Woolworths Kyneton, a shopper noticed an amusing detail among the spice jars. Source: Facebook

In a photo shared on Facebook, you can see that the alphabetised spice jars on the shelf have been rearranged to spell out a message to, presumably, Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

"Morrison is a groin stain," reads the line of spice jars on the shelf.

The spicy prank quickly gained traction online, amassing hundreds of likes and over 1,100 shares within hours of posting from customers who claimed it was "brilliant", "absolutely hilarious" and "fantastic".

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