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Woolworths shoppers lose it over roast chook price fail: 'Hyperinflation has arrived'

Families struggling with the rising cost of living have been served up some light-hearted humour, thanks to an epic fail from one Woolworths worker.

An eagle-eyed shopper made the hilarious find at her local store, sharing a photo of a price tag for a roast chicken which states the cost is a staggering $1510.00.

In a nod to the funny error, the caption reads: "Anyone wanna cash in on some chicken points lol."

A price-tag for a Woolworths roast chicken stating the total price as being $1510.00
A Woolworths shopper has pointed out a hilarious mistake on a roast chicken price tag. Source: Facebook/C. Toohey

Social media cooks up amusing response

The photo, posted in a Facebook group for Woolworths Everyday Rewards enthusiasts, was inundated with witty responses as shoppers rejoiced in some comic relief amid soaring grocery prices.

"Hyperinflation has arrived," one shopper stated, while another joked that even the chooks "can’t escape" sky-rocketing inflation.

"I understand price increases, but this is ridiculous," someone else commented.

"Might be better to get them to cut it into half to make it more affordable," another quipped.

"In 50 years time, we'll be looking at that photo and saying chicken was so cheap then," another Facebook user joked.

"Maybe it used to lay golden eggs?" another Woolies customer commented, while another wrote, "why oh why did I not buy chook shares" others wrote.

But some were more concerned by a different detail on the tag.

“I’m just wondering where the other 5% of the chicken comes from?,” one woman questioned, referring to the line on the price tag that reads, "Made in Australia from 95% Australian ingredients."

One woman shared a similar mistake she'd recently seen.

"That's just like the fertiliser I saw yesterday," she wrote, alongside a picture of a price ticket which listed containers of fertiliser for $96 each.

A photo of a supermarket price ticket which lists containers of fertiliser for $96 each
A second shopper shared a similar mistake with garden fertiliser. Source: Facebook/A. Reinke

"The ticketing guys apparently scanned the outer box, not the actual products and printed the cost of the total box. Don't ask me how much that weed spray below was - no one could afford that."

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