Woolworths shoppers lose it over new hot roast chicken: 'Yum'

The supermarket has made a big addition to its BBQ chook range.

The Woolworths hot roast chicken is being served up in a brand new flavour, with a Memphis BBQ version of the ever-popular supermarket buy available now.

The sweet and tangy twist on the Woolworths classic hot roast chicken created a buzz among customers after Aussie influencer Renita Henry-May shared a pic of one with her followers.

Woolworths roast chicken; Woolworths shopping trolleys
The new flavour of Woolworths hot roast chicken is available in stores now. Source: Facebook/@foodiemummaren, Getty

Reacting to Henry-May's Facebook post, shoppers gave the new flavour their seal of approval, with one anticipating it would taste "so yum", and another tagging a friend to exclaim: "We would destroy this."

While most were excited about the new chook variety, others were concerned it might be too spicy. However, the new flavour is a mild sauce with a sweet and tangy taste. As the name suggests, it originated in the US city of Memphis, Tennessee, and is achieved by combining various ingredients including ketchup, vinegar, molasses and spices such as garlic and paprika.

New chook available for a limited time

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed the new addition to the chook stand will be on sale for some time to come. "The plot chickens! We're excited about our new seasonal 'Memphis BBQ' hot roast chicken. It's available now at most Woolworths stores across Australia," the spokesperson told Yahoo News.

Yahoo News understands the Memphis BBQ chook will be available for around 12 months although this is subject to change. Previous iterations of the Woolies favourite have included a country-style marinated roast chicken with herb bread crumb stuffing, and a garlic bread seasoned roast chicken.

Woolworths sells a whopping 4,500 tonnes of roast chickens each year, making it the retailer's most popular food product after fresh fruit and vegetables.

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