Woolworths shoppers go crazy for little-known deli deal: 'Such a bargain'

Entertaining this summer? You'll want to grab this secret deli deal.

Aussie shoppers are flocking to their local Woolworths stores to grab themselves the latest summer picnic must-have - a deli platter for less than $15. After spotting the offer, one shopper shared her "absolute bargain" to the Mums Who Budget and Save Facebook page.

"Picked this up from Woolworths for $12. Absolute bargain. Just 24 hours notice needed to order," she shared. The Deli Platter For Two offers a selection of meats including salami and cabanossi, a Yarra Valley Brie cheese, a 110-gram pack of gourmet mixed olives and wafer crackers.

A $12 Woolworths grazing platter featuring brie, crackers, olives, cabanossi and salami
The $12 Woolworths platter contains a selection of deli meats, a cheese, deli gourmet olives and crackers. Photo: Facebook

The grazing board will set you back $12 and is designed to be shared by two people, with many impressed customers labelling it "amazing value".

Woolies confirms platter deals

Some shoppers questioned whether the $12 deli deal was real after failing to find it on the Woolworths website. Others said they were stunned to find a Woolies grazing board similar to one they had paid close to $80 for. Woolworths confirmed that their deli platters start from $12 and are available nationally.


They also have a range of other platters up to $55, including several meat and cheese platters in different sizes with the largest catering for 10 to 15 people. Shoppers can contact their local Woolworths deli to place an order, which needs to be done 24 to 48 hours in advance of collection. There's also a seafood platter for $55 and a wraps platter for $35. Coles also offers a selection of deli platters including grazing platters, sweets platters and seafood platters.

Selection of grazing platters offered by Woolworths
The Woolworths platters are made fresh to order for delivery or pick-up. Photo: Woolworths

Meanwhile, those who had tried the Woolies grazing platters said they were indeed worth the hype. "I got two the week before Xmas and one of the cheeses' RRP alone was $15! I was cheering!" one customer shared. "I weighed the prosciutto and there was $15 worth so definitely worth it when you add in the other stuff, cheaper than doing it yourself," another person said of a Woolies platter she had tried.

Customer-hacked Woolworths platter
Hacking the $12 Woolworths deli platter is super easy, with shoppers adding to the bargain grazing plate to make it go even further. Photo: Facebook

Woolies shoppers hack platters

While the platter offers enough for two people, some said they used it as a base and hacked it to go even further. Adding fruit, vegetables and other picnic items, one shopper said she "padded it out" to feed a crowd. "We get these $12 ones and then add extras when headed to BBQs or gatherings," she wrote. "I purchase the $12 box at Woolies (crackers, meat, cheese and olives) and then add to it to add colour. I usually add red rock deli dips or chocolates, nuts and pretzels," another shopper commented.

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