Woolworths shopper swears off supermarket meat over mince error

A Woolworths customer has taken to social media to share her frustration over the apparent underweight beef mince she purchased from the supermarket.

The frustrated shopper posted a photo of the disappointing pack of beef mince she bought from her local store to the Woolworths Facebook page.

In her scathing post, the angry shopper voiced her disbelief when she arrived home to discover she had not received her money’s worth.

Woolworths shopper shares beef mince on scale showing 868g
A Woolworths shopper has slammed the supermarket on Facebook after receiving 868g of beef mince in her one kilogram pack. Source: Facebook

After placing the beef mince on the digital kitchen scales at home, the woman found the one-kilogram beef mince actually weighed 868grams.

“Seriously, we are not talking 10 to 20 odd grams here,” she wrote in her post.

Indeed, the one-kilogram beef mince the woman had purchased was 132g, or 13 per cent, less than the label indicated.

The beef mince in the customer's Facebook post featured an 'e' symbol beside the weight on the label to indicate it was an estimate, meaning a small discrepancy between the advertised and actual weight is acceptable.

Since her original Facebook post, the shocked shopper has said she was contacted by Woolworths and has since received a gift voucher.

“I’m pleased that my concern has now been resolved,” wrote the Woolies customer.

However, she added that she is “unlikely to buy meat again” at Woolworths following the ordeal.

Woolworths responds to weight controversy

A spokesperson for Woolworths has addressed the controversy surrounding underweight meat products.

"We want our customers to shop with the confidence they're getting what they're paying for," the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"We’re aware of the customer’s claim and have been looking into it with our meat production partner."

The spokesperson added that Woolworths complies with industry requirements when it comes to fresh produce.

"We have a range of checks and balances in place to ensure our products comply with trade measurement requirements," the spokesperson said.

"If ever our customers are concerned about the weight of a product, we'd encourage them to return it for a refund."

Coles and Woolworths face the wrath of customers over meat gripe

This is not the first time supermarkets have come under fire from customers for misleading weight measurement labels on meat.

Coles and Woolworths recently experienced the wrath of customers who complained their packaged meat was a different weight than the label indicated.

Coles shopper shocked by underweight beef mince
The packaging on this Coles brand mince said it weighed 800g. Source: Facebook

One frustrated Woolworths shopper took to the supermarket’s official Facebook page to complain about his 500g of Woolies lean beef mince weighing 378g.

“By my estimates, your weight estimates are rubbish Woolworths,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, an eagle-eyed Coles shopper has slammed the supermarket after purchasing what she thought was 800g of mince — only to find it weighed over 25 per cent less.

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