Woolworths scanning errors costing customers hundreds

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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A Woolworths shopper has warned others to be vigilant with checking receipts after being charged hundreds of dollars for an item that should’ve cost less than $10.

The customer paid for her groceries at the Eastlands store in Tasmania on Tuesday but spotted something seriously wrong when she checked her docket.

Instead of being charged $6.53 for her twiggy sticks, she was stung more than $300.

She said it was lucky she checked her receipt before leaving the store in a message of warning to the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Lucky I check my docket. I thought ‘surely I didn't spend that much?’”

Back of Woolworths staff member at the Eastlands store.
A checkout at Eastlands Woolworths where the shopper was overcharged. Source: Google Maps/John Stanfield

The woman added that a member of staff told her that the day beforehand something similar happened to another shopper.

A man was buying a packet of meat worth about $5 which scanned through for more than $600, the staff member told her.

The customer speculated there were “massive errors happening” with the Woolworths scanners.

She clarified that she had been refunded the money, sharing a receipt with evidence of $300.65 being returned to her.

A Woolworths spokesperson said the issue was being investigated internally.

“We take great pride in offering our customers a positive experience in our stores and are disappointed that wasn’t the case on this occasion,” they told Yahoo News Australia.

“Technical errors such as this are incredibly rare and we’re looking into what could have caused this.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this error and have refunded the overcharge back to the customer in-full.”

Another shopper at a South Australian store also ran into a peculiar refund issue following a recent shop.

Receipt of Eastland's shopper showing $300 charge for twiggy sticks.
The customer's receipt showed she was charged $300.65 for her Dorsogna Tasty Sticks. Source: Facebook

She noticed she was charged twice for a barbecue chicken at the Blakes Crossing store on Tuesday, so returned for a refund.

To her surprise, the refund was processed with “change of mind” given as the reason behind it.

Puzzled, she shared her experience to the retailer’s Facebook page, writing she was “a little miffed” when she saw the inaccurate reason on her receipt.

“I didn't change my mind. I was overcharged. It pays to check your dockets. I will be doing this every time in future,” she wrote.

A Woolworths employee responded in a comment, explaining why recent changes had been made to the store’s return policy, which didn’t do much to alleviate the shopper’s frustration.

“Customers misusing the store’s returns policy has nothing to do with me asking for a refund for being overcharged,” she replied.

Others agreed that the retailer missed the mark with its response, while some found it difficult to understand why the customer was “offended by the category” her refund was put under.

A spokesperson said the “change of mind” reasoning was likely an isolated incident, however such matters generally are left to the discretion of staff.

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