Woman’s lunch ruined by alarming surprise in Woolworths salad

A woman who was midway through her lunch salad received an alarming surprise after spotting an unwelcome imposter amongst her lettuce.

She had been making her way through Woolworths’ brand of chicken caesar salad on Friday when an item not featured in the ingredients list appeared.

A black beetle-looking insect seemed to have somehow made its way into the airtight meal box, which she bought from the Singleton store, south of Perth, in Western Australia.

A black bug is seen in a chicken caesar salad bought from Woolworths.
The Woolies shopper found this unsettling intruder in her caesar salad. Source: Facebook

The shopper shared the disturbing find to the supermarket’s Facebook page on Sunday, expressing her disgust over the insect intruder.

“Way to ruin my lunch, mate,” she wrote, adding a vomiting emoji.

She shared two photos of the animal’s body amongst her salad, which appeared to have had creamy dressing mixed through.

In response to her distressing experience, a Woolworths employee said they were “sorry” she found a bug in her salad.

“Thanks for sharing these images with us. We're sorry you had found an insect within your batch of chicken caesar salad,” they wrote in a comment.

The plastic lid of a chicken caeser salad bought from Woolworths.
The shopper bought the salad from Woolies in Singleton, WA, on Friday. Source: Facebook

The shopper was asked to send further information about her purchase in a private message so the issue could be reported to the quality team.

She was also informed she could return the remains of the salad, its packaging or receipt to Woolworths for a refund or replacement.

“We take food safety seriously and will gladly look into this once we are provided with more information from the customer,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“As always, if our customers have any concerns about the quality of the product they receive we encourage them to return the product back to their local store for a refund or replacement.”

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